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Iüva Life


Why we started ?

Because we just love ice cream!

Pleasures don't have to be guilty : This idea of a range of products meant for a healthier lifestyle took birth in a small apartment in Manipal in 2018. The idea that a serving of ice cream could actually carry fewer calories than a couple of peanuts was akin to a dream coming true and we sought out to make our own ice cream with the help from a few books and blogs. What started as an attempt to satisfy our sweet-tooth became an opportunity to have a positive impact on many people's lives. People who wish to be healthier need not sacrifice on their cravings. 

I L Carton .png
3 1L cartons.png
flavours shuggie.png
Front facing tub AF 41.png
Front facing tub SS1.png
Front facing tub MCC.png

the healthy life with Iüva Life


It's what's on the inside that counts

Our vision for the Iuva Life brand involves launching an entire range of products. 

Desi ganna : Packaged Sugar cane Juice

Bubbles : Kombucha

SoCoCo : Packaged Coconut water

And many more...

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